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If there is a “home language” of any sorts in my birthplace of Kingston, Jamaica, then it would most likely be Jamaican Patois. Patois, also known as Patwa, is a creole language that was formed by English and West African influences. Patwa is very unique in its general usage; it was formed during the 17th century by slaves through a blending of the many spoken languages of the individual cultures. There is not much of a developed written language, using standard British English in most writing. Pronunciation however is vastly different. The combination of many substrate language and many differently pronounced characters and grammatical “errors” cause for a completely different language to be formed. To most people in Jamaica, Patwa is perfectly understandable and so similar to Western English that there should be no difficulties in communication; however, to the average tourist? It is a strange hodgepodge of words that sound remotely familiar, even if they cant keep up.