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Prior to the reading of Dean’s text I only had one view on the subject of genres. To me, genre was a literary category which was used when organizing and sorting many different topics or classifications of objects and ideas. This has proven to be, after the reading, to not be the case in all situations. There is much more taken into account when we discuss genre and our understanding of the concept. The text seems to bring up the idea that genre is both social, cultural, and ideological concept which does not have a set guideline but more of a set of vague interpretations.

This paper was most likely written primarily to inform the audience of how genre can be divided into many different categories and classifications and make sure that the message is fully understood. For example, the author mentions the sale and usage of greeting cards. Greeting cards are used in nearly every situation; for holidays such as Mothers day, to humorous, sweet cards celebrating different occasions. Each card is divided up into different classifications that all fall under one broad category. Even though they are divided into the separate categories they can still be presented together when written logically. Genre chains, which are covered in the text, can be, and frequently are used to link many different classifications and genres together which logically connect. Each person has their role in society and thus are presented in different ways. The writing style of an author are different from that of a publisher which is different from each and every person that reads their books. They each have their own genre style which is ever evolving as their knowledge and literary skills increase. One might ask, how can genre affect so many different situations and possibilities? Genre is just a form of generalizing certain traits and knowledge in a way that is interconnected. In actuality, this is a very hard concept to accept because this would mean that there is an almost infinite number of connections possible between separate genre types. After finishing the reading of the text and seeing all of the connections that seem to be possible, I have come to the conclusion that genre theory is a highly complex and messy part of literature, and I would need in-class discussion to further understand the topic.