My name is Amal Morais and I’m from Kingston, Jamaica. I moved to the United States from Bahamas when I was in 2nd grade, and have enjoyed these past 10 years in the states immensely. I am a huge Japanese Otaku– Anime, Manga, Gaming, I love them all.    To be honest, the sheer number of Manga chapters I have read in my life is daunting, something I don’t even want to think about. I do however know that it was at LEAST 60+ chapters a day for in excess of 9 years.-SHUDDERS- My other passion is literature; specifically Fantasy. THey have just seemed to captivate me in a way few things can. I already have made steps towards trying to write a novel on my own, even if it is so that I can spread some of the ideas that have ran rampant in my mind.

I am currently a computer science major at UNC Charlotte, having just started my freshman year and I am enjoying everything the campus has to offer while making sure I complete all that I can to allow myself to pursue my chosen career.

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